Vina Aspire – Telegärtner’s official agent in Vietnam

In order to provide customers with the best quality solutions and products in the world, on March 24, 2021, Vina Aspire and Telegärtner agreed to cooperate and Vina Aspire became the official agent of Telegärtner in Vietnam.

Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH Germany, founded in 1945. Telegärtner Group is a globally operated provider of end-to-end professional connectivity system solutions in data communications, telecommunications and technology applications radio frequency.Vina Aspire is the official agent of Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH Germany in Vietnam. Telegärtner’s product line includes, Enterprise and Industrial Ethernet Connectivity Solutions for Copper and Fiber as well as Mobile Communications Network Solutions.

When talking about Telegärtner, we must mention that MFP8 Gold is the only ethernet cable product the company produces for Audio. This is a product manufactured to extremely high standards. The MFP8 Gold jack used as the wire is an RJ45 jack that is considered the best in the world, and is also a Telegärtner jack provided by Vina Aspire used on the National Space Station. international (ISS). Remember, even the top Audioquest Diamond ethernet cable also uses the MFP8 jack but only the regular type, not the Gold type like this.

The cable was awarded The 2016 Audio Accessory Excellence Awards in Japan, and is also considered the only award in the world for the Ethernet cable category for audio.

Each product is thoroughly tested when shipped, with carefully measured parameters (in the accompanying documentation). The sound of this wire is plugged in and you immediately see the difference, first of all it is detailed, airy, inspiring, the music is expressed more easily, analog oriented.

Product introduction

With the M12x1 IP67 X- and D-encoded connector series, Telegärtner answers industry’s need for industrial communications cabling systems conforming to the IEC 61918 standard specifying M12x1 circular connectors in 4 and 8 pole versions as plug interface.

The Telegärtner STX M12x1 IP67 connection series for Railway and Vehicle Applications offers different solutions for application in harsh environments.

Mobile Network Solutions

The reliability of the mobile communication connection mainly depends on the antenna used. This must ensure reliable transmission and reception of data and signals even in the most difficult conditions and stressful situations.

Telegärtner’s product solutions for Mobile Communications Networks are developed using powerful CAD systems and rigorously tested with high-performance network analyzers and modulation test benches in the Telegärtner Laboratory.

Vina Aspire is a consultant, providing IT solutions and services, network security, information security & safety in Vietnam. Vina Aspire’s team includes skilled, qualified, experienced and reputable experts and collaborators, along with major domestic and foreign investors and partners to join hands in building.

Vina Aspire is the official agent of Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH Germany in Vietnam. Businesses and organizations wishing to contact Vina Aspire Co., Ltd. with the following information:

Email: | Tel: +84 944 004 666 | Fax: +84 28 3535 0668 | Website:

Vina Aspire – Telegärtner’s official agent in Vietnam

Vina Aspire


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