Vina Aspire consulted and successfully deployed the Microsoft 365 digital transformation solution for the Petroleum Service Port Base

On August 1, 2023, Vina Aspire consulted and successfully deployed the Microsoft 365 digital transformation solution for the Petroleum Service Port Base in Vung Tau. Vina Aspire is an Official Authorized Partner of Microsoft in Vietnam & Southeast Asia, receiving trust, choice and high appreciation for service quality from Oil and Gas Service Port Customers. Microsoft 365 Enterprise, consulted and deployed by Vina Aspire, is a complete, smart solution that allows people to create and work together safely. While designed for large organizations, Microsoft 365 Enterprise can also be used by small and medium-sized businesses that need the most advanced security and productivity capabilities.

Petroleum Service Port Company is a leading provider of seaport services, logistics bases, manufacturing, and logistics services to the Vietnamese energy and oil and gas industry. PTSC Petroleum Service Port Base in Vung Tau is one of the largest oil and gas industry centers in Southeast Asia, specialized in search, exploration, exploitation and development of oil and gas fields.

PTSC Supply Base owns and operates 82 hectares of specialized oil and gas service ports, with complete infrastructure and modern equipment, meeting customer service needs, including:

  • The wharf is 750m long, equipped with large load slides (over 50 tons/m2) to serve the launching of super-long and super-heavy structures of up to 25,000 tons.
  • The water draft at the wharf reaches -9.5m, located on the channel of Dinh River, 12 nautical miles from buoy “0”.
  • Petroleum logistics base (supply base) 62 hectares, including warehouses, yards, offices, factories, drilling fluid/chemical tanks, wharves…
  • 20-hectare mechanical manufacturing yard.
  • Complete technical infrastructure with internal road systems, power supply, backup generators, lighting, water supply, drainage, centralized wastewater treatment, industrial waste collection, fence system , security, trees…
  • Lifting vehicles include 30 – 200 ton cranes, 3 – 20 ton forklifts, 70 ton tractors, 40ft trailers and specialized trucks.
  • The team of foremen, loading and unloading workers, and vehicle operators is skilled, experienced, enthusiastic and highly responsible

Microsoft is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United States; specializes in developing, manufacturing, selling software licenses and supporting a wide range of computer-related products and services. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. If calculated by revenue, Microsoft is the largest software manufacturer in the world. It has also been called “one of the most valuable companies in the world. Vina Aspire is an authorized partner providing genuine Microsoft copyrights & services in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Basically, Microsoft 365 is a product package that combines Windows 10 and Office 365. Licensed Microsoft 365 packages include:

  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • Microsoft 365 F1
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 E5

Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business is for small and medium-sized businesses that want to deploy an integrated, collaborative workspace without needing an IT team to manage it. The Microsoft 365 Business package costs $20/user/month and can be purchased for up to 300 users. Enables user and device management settings on a single console. Automatically deploy Office apps to Windows 10 devices, and Windows 10 Autopilot is also available. Microsoft 365 Business includes:

  • Office 365 Business Premium package
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Device management through Microsoft Intune
  • Basic data and application security
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics and Windows Defender Antivirus
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a complete, intelligent solution that enables people to innovate and work together securely. While designed for large organizations, Microsoft 365 Enterprise can also be used by small and medium-sized businesses that need the most advanced security and productivity capabilities.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise includes:

  • Office 365 productivity apps and services. Includes Office 365 ProPlus, the latest Office apps for your PC and Mac (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more), and a full suite online services for emailing, storing and working on common documents, creating meetings, and more.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise. Addresses the needs of both medium and large organizations, providing users and IT professionals with the most efficient and secure version of Windows for comprehensive deployment, device and application management.
  • Device management and advanced security services. Includes Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) service that helps keep your workforce productive while protecting your company data.

Microsoft 365 has different plans with different internal services under each plan. Microsoft 365 Enterprise is for large organizations that need powerful device management and security features. There are 3 main packages:

Connect with your frontline workers through purpose-built tools and resources that enable them to do their best work.

Access core products and features in Microsoft 365 to boost workplace productivity and securely drive innovation.

Access the latest products and features in Microsoft 365, including advanced threat protection, security, and collaboration tools. Includes all E3 capabilities plus analytics tools advanced data, security and voice.

Vina Aspire successfully deployed the Microsoft 365 digital transformation solution for PTSC Petroleum Services Port Company & helped bring the following benefits to customers:

  • Users can work from anywhere
  • Provides strong security and reliability
  • Easily collaborate across teams and users
  • Stay up to date and have access to the latest Microsoft applications
  • The core elements familiar to users are maintained
  • Flexibly combine Office 356 features and packages

Vina Aspire is a genuine Authorized Partner of Microsoft providing genuine copyright & deploying Microsoft software in Vietnam & Southeast Asia markets.

Businesses and organizations that are interested, please contact Vina Aspire Company with the following information:

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Tel: +84 944 004 666 | Fax: +84 28 3535 0668

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