Vina Aspire successfully organized the Workshop “Ansys Comprehensive Solution for The Energy Industry”

In the context of the 4.0 technology revolution bringing new challenges and opportunities to the energy industry, the workshop “Ansys Comprehensive Solutions for The Energy Industry” provided an overview of applications of the latest techniques to design, optimize, and increase the efficiency of energy systems, contributing to increasing the competitiveness of Vietnam’s energy industry.

The conference was jointly organized by simulation software company Ansys, partner CADFEM and Vina Aspire Company, and attracted the participation of more than 50 guests who are researchers, technology directors, engineers and experts on simulation and design related to the energy field.

Workshop “Ansys Comprehensive Solutions for The Energy Industry”.

At the Conference, guests were introduced by Ansys experts to the most advanced simulation software solutions in the world today, with high applicability in engineering, production and research. In particular, Ansys is software that provides advanced simulation capabilities for various technical applications such as structural, thermal, fluid and electromagnetic analysis. This software is designed to help engineers and designers simulate real-world situations and predict how products will perform under different operating conditions. Particularly in the energy sector, these solutions have the potential to accelerate low-carbon technology innovation, while improving productivity, reliability, safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional energy sources.​

Experts from India presented advanced simulation applications of Ansys.

More specifically, the guests had the opportunity to learn deeply about Ansys CFD, Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Digital Twin, which are outstanding applications of today’s most advanced software technology that can be applied to the field of energy. Energy includes oil and gas, wind energy, thermal energy, hydroelectricity, hydrogen energy (Fuel Cell), solar energy, nuclear power, etc.

In particular, Ansys CFD provides a series of effective solutions in terms of design, production and maintenance for the energy industry in general and the Oil and Gas industry in particular. These solutions help the oil and gas industry optimize production and operational processes, operating in harsh environments through applications that are capable of analyzing internal flows in pipes, valves and filters. important to optimize pressure drop, flow rate, pressure load and many fluid parameters ensuring efficient and safe function of the system. Ansys CFD is also used to analyze emissions control, heat transfer, combustion, and pollutant dispersion in the environment.

Ansys Mechanical with its multi-physics simulation capabilities, simulating the interaction between structure and fluid with the highest accuracy, will provide users with a finite element solver with powerful, fast simulation capabilities. structurally, thermally, acoustically, over time and nonlinearly,… thereby helping to improve design, saving time and costs in production.

Ansys Digital Twin is an application that provides virtual models for real systems, helping to plan maintenance based on accurate prediction methods with data from testing to reality. By accessing this information, engineers can unlock more value from existing resources, increasing reliability and mechanical safety, thereby preventing unscheduled downtime and reducing costs. operating costs, while ensuring optimal performance. It’s all done through Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

Discussion at the Conference.

At the conference, experts from Ansys and Vina Aspire – strategic partners and genuine authorized dealers of Ansys in Vietnam – joined guests to share, analyze and answer issues that the parties shared. concerns, such as how to bridge the gap between design and reality through simulation applications, solutions that help improve performance, reduce manufacturing costs, enhance material durability and be user-friendly with the environment.

On this occasion, a representative of CADFEM – the highest level distributor of Ansys officially awarded Vina Aspire a certificate as a genuine Authorized Dealer of Ansys simulation software in Vietnam.

Representative of Vina Aspire and Ansys Authorized Dealer Certificate in Vietnam.

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