Vina Aspire accompanies Hoa Sen University (HSU) through the HSU BUSINESS CHALLENGE 2023 competition

🌟 HSU Business Challenge is a practical competition from the Business Administration department, Hoa Sen University. This is a playground for students who are passionate about business to freely present their cherished plans and ideas to turn them into reality.

🌟 Participating in the contest, students will have the opportunity to approach a real business model like a real startup. In addition, there are suggestions from the Evaluation Council and Advisory Board with extensive experience in the industry, helping you realize your potential and explore your hidden abilities.

🌟 HSU Business Challenge 2023 with the spirit of conveying the message “Spread Your Wings” hopes that through this practical experience, you can accumulate experience and draw lessons to be able to apply to projects. business in the future, like an eagle proudly spreading its wings to overcome challenges and master its own sky.

🔥 HSU Business Challenge is a competition organized by the Faculty of Economics and Management of Hoa Sen University with the goal of creating a practical playground and exploring the creativity of students in business ideas. . In the competition, groups of contestants will coordinate market research, develop a plan and implement a real business project.

Vina Aspire is pleased to accompany Hoa Sen University (HSU) with the desire to contribute to spreading and promoting the coverage of the HSU BUSINESS CHALLENGE 2023 competition to the student community in the South and widely rather than the whole country.


The competition includes 3 rounds spanning from the end of September 2023 to the end of December 2023

Round 1: Business ideas (October 9, 2023 – October 28, 2023)

👉For a successful project, the first thing to do is to form a business idea. In Round 1, Contestant Groups implement business ideas, build a specific plan to determine market demand, find product strengths and opportunities, determine revenue and expenses. expected fee. Contestant Groups will present details to the Advisory Board.

👉 After Round 1, groups will identify the goals – vision – core values of the project, suitable products, market – target customers, competitive advantage, business location, regulations. business process and details of the business plan to be implemented.

Round 2: Business results (December 4, 2023 – December 16, 2023).

👉 Contestant Groups will implement the business plans implemented in Round 1. The projects will mobilize capital and present business results in terms of: market, production / trade, marketing. marketing, human resources, accounting/finance, risk.

👉 The Round 2 report will be presented in the Business Results Report format and will receive comments from members of the Professional Council on the content of presenting business results.

Round 3: Final/Gala (December 18, 2023 – December 24, 2023).

👉 After completing the two rounds, the Advisory Board will select 5 Contestant Groups with the most suitable projects to enter the Final Round.

👉 At the Final Round, with the support of the Evaluation Council, which are managers in the fields of business – management – marketing – production – operations, the Contestant Groups will present details from Ideas – Planning – Results – Business orientation of the project.

👉 After the Final Round, all Contestant Groups mingled in the Gala and received First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize, Consolation Prize and additional prizes. Most importantly, Contestant Groups will look back at their journey of conquering themselves throughout the Competition Rounds.

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