Vina Aspire and Eaton develop Data Center Power Solutions in Vietnam

We will be the first company to offer cyber-certified products in the UPS market. This is one of the differences of Eaton. Vina Aspire signed a cooperation agreement with Eaton on September 6, 2021, as a genuine authorized dealer of Eaton in Vietnam specializing in providing energy management products and solutions. Despite the impact of COVID-19, Eaton Corporation still achieved revenue of 17.9 billion USD in 2020 and developed a workforce of 90,000 employees globally.

Evaluating the group’s increased presence, Mr. Gary Ang – Country Director of Eaton Vietnam said that despite difficulties and obstacles due to the epidemic, 2020 still had many favorable factors to help the group. confidently enter the energy management market in Vietnam.

Mr. Gary Ang pointed out that the Government’s policy of investing in power infrastructure through the new National Power Development Plan (PDP8) has created the potential for market development. Along with that, a series of large transportation projects are being implemented in Vietnam, leading to great demand for energy management. The State’s management policies on foreign investment (FDI) are also gradually becoming more open and transparent, becoming a driving force for Eaton to enter the market.

The representative of Eaton committed that the group will bring a team of experts in solutions in the fields of data centers, energy saving, and energy storage to Vietnam; Providing services and customer care teams to meet the actual needs of each locality.

Vietnam may reach 100 million people in the next few years, while infrastructure development has not kept pace with population growth. Based on data from market research organizations and personal experience, Mr. Gary Ang assessed that, compared to other countries such as Singapore, Australia, and Japan, there is a gap in the market for (Data centers) in Vietnam is very large, which will attract foreign investors in the next few years.

Specifically, for consumers, Eaton focuses mainly on two product groups including UPS for residential or commercial use, from 500-11,000 VA (Volt-Ampere) and important application areas such as data centers, edge computing environments, and information technology infrastructure. All of Eaton’s UPSs have low energy consumption, integrate technologies to help protect the environment, and are compatible with virtualization environments such as VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, and Redhat.

Currently, Eaton & Vina Aspire will coordinate to focus strongly on the data center segment, aiming to provide an ecosystem of many solutions and modern technology, thereby bringing the highest benefits to businesses. “Digital transformation in data centers is accelerating and is one of the key factors to ensure business success,” Mr. Gary Ang affirmed.

The National Director of Eaton said that not only the Government, and businesses but also the community are demanding high-energy products and equipment to protect a green and sustainable living environment. This need is becoming increasingly urgent due to the impact of climate change.

To respond, Eaton has applied the latest technology to production, aiming to optimize performance and comply with environmental requirements; ensuring products and solutions provided to the market are of high quality, economically and environmentally effective.

In the near future, Eaton & Vina Aspire plans to introduce two main solutions, with many advantages. Specifically, Brightlayer solution allows for improving the quality of energy operations through real-time operational data updates, system modeling, asset management, and system risk assessment… Thereby helping Businesses save resources, and investment costs, and increase operational efficiency. The next solution is smart energy management, integrated with other advanced technologies from Eaton to optimize data center operations.

Besides, renewable energy is also an area that Eaton focuses on investing in. This is one of the group’s key directions to develop solutions to limit carbon emissions and realize energy transition through the approach of “Linking everything in one network – Everything As A”. Grid”.

Mr. Gary Ang acknowledged that the Vietnamese Government is focusing on renewable energy including wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectricity. According to the new Draft National Power Development Plan (PDP8) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the proportion of renewable energy (excluding hydropower) in PDP8 will increase to nearly 30% by 2030, while this proportion in PDP7 revised is 16.3%. By 2030, onshore and nearshore wind power capacity will reach 9 GW, offshore wind power 2-3 GW, solar power 7 GW, biomass power will decrease by 0.5 GW, and small-scale hydropower will decrease by 1.8 GW.

According to Eaton’s assessment, the level of investment in renewable energy will be even higher in the future when the Government allows the participation of foreign investors in this field. Mr. Gary Ang said, this is an advantage for Eaton when it possesses strength in the field of renewable energy.

“We combine UPS technology and renewable energy to create an energy sensing system (UPS EnergyAware), helping businesses and customers save costs and manage their energy optimally,” Eaton representative shared more.

Eaton’s UPS system provided by Vina Aspire in Vietnam integrates EnergyAware technology. When used in data centers, the system will help businesses choose appropriate capacity and supply prices. Thereby ensuring energy demand, and helping businesses earn profits by redistributing excess energy to the market.

Renewable energy sources are volatile in production and supply, making it difficult for energy suppliers to balance electricity supply. Accordingly, data centers using UPS systems integrated with EnergyAware technology will allow businesses to flexibly manage energy supply and storage. The system ensures balance in energy reserves, minimizes the use of fossil fuels, and contributes to building a green, sustainable energy consumption system.

With more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing and developing energy management solutions, Mr. Gary Ang believes that UPS products and Eaton’s EnergyAware technology will help businesses manage energy sources effectively and balance demand. Actual consumption with redistribution of excess energy, increasing income.

In addition, cyber security is also an issue of concern for Eaton when developing products and solutions in the field of renewable energy and data centers. Eaton representatives commit that the software devices provided by Eaton comply with network security standards, ensuring safety for users in connection and operation.

“We will be the first company to offer cyber-certified products in the UPS market. This is one of Eaton’s differences,” an Eaton representative emphasized.

Previously, Eaton launched a Network Interface Card product with data transfer speeds of up to 1 Gbps, certified to meet UL’s UL 2900-1 network safety and security standards. The launch of the product demonstrates Eaton’s commitment to providing superior technology products that meet the increasing operational requirements of users while protecting them from risks and threats in cyberspace.

Present in the Asia-Pacific region since the 1970s, Eaton has determined its goal of becoming a leading multinational corporation in developing and providing modern products and solutions in the field of energy management. . An Eaton representative said the group does not set expectations too high or too low when entering the Vietnamese market. The group’s goal is to establish a sustainable business model, focusing on advantageous areas, thereby best meeting customer needs and contributing to Vietnam’s development.

“My family and I have many beautiful memories of Vietnam. I always hope that I will contribute a part to Vietnam’s economic development in the present and future,” Mr. Gary Ang shared.

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