What is the General Data Protection Standard (GDPR) and How Can You Prepare?

The General Data Protection Standards (GDPR)  is the world’s first attempt to implement proper big data regulation, and it appears to be inspiring some fear across the compliance industry. Now that GDPR has countered the spike in data attacks, compliance has evolved.
​To help businesses enter this new digital age, LogRhythm Labs has worked to develop an Effective and sound strategy to drive companies toward success with GDPR. Instead of providing duplicate alarms and reports for you to learn, LogRhythm is introducing the Unified Compliance Framework SIEM Automation Suite to make this industry better.
Log Rhythm GDPR
With LogRhythm’s SIEM Unified Compliance Framework, you’ll soon be able to implement technology-centric GDPR principles, policies, and processes in a unified way.​

What is GDPR?

GDPR was created to strengthen and unify data protection for the entire European Union (EU). It replaces Data Protection Directive 96/46, which was issued before the rise of the Internet and cloud tracking.

GDPR aims to make compliance easier by providing a common set of rules across the EU. Failure to meet these new standards could result in fines. GDPR was adopted on April 27, 2016. This new regulation will be mandatory starting May 25, 2018.

Businesses that do not operate in the EU should still expect changes to requirements and compliance checks. Regardless of location, if you process EU personal data, you must comply with GDPR. US companies should be aware that thanks to regulations from the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Transportation, failure to respect the principles of GDPR can be considered an international violation.

Why care?

For those working in legal environments, GDPR has floated around office discussions with a worrying tone. If I were to paraphrase what I heard about GPDR coming from colleagues and customers, the responses sounded like: “Avoiding the penalty would be impossible!” Or “We don’t have a solution for this!” Most of the panic reactions come from people in the risk, governance, or audit communities. I’ve even heard GDPR equate to “the next generation of Y2K.”

The audit and compliance communities are frantically scrambling to understand new regulations that require a better understanding of data. The industry-wide lack of technically qualified staff and big data knowledge creates a situation where most organizations are unprepared to comply with GDPR.

When it comes to the audit industry, change is often associated with fines. Controls can inhibit and limit change, causing compliance managers to previously perceive change as bad and threatening.

With GDPR being the first true data compliance rule, a drastic change is required for compliant organizations to keep up with the future. Change may seem threatening to the way your business operates, but GDPR is manageable with the right preparation and resources.

How can you keep up with big data?

With compliance regulations closely related to cybersecurity, you need to gain a deeper understanding of what data is available for GDPR. Check out these selected GDPR articles:

  • Article 17: Right to delete
  • Article 18: Right to limit processing
  • Article 35: Data protection impact assessment

Even at a glance, it is clear that these articles require a fairly advanced understanding of the most basic aspects of corporate networks. Businesses must ensure that the rights of individuals and their data are enforced and managed on an ongoing basis.

Auditing and auditing standards implemented a decade ago, such as Data Protection Directive 96/46, did not equip auditors to be fully prepared for these new regulations. To this end, LogRhythm Labs has been working hard to help you prepare for GDPR.

LogRhythm’s GDPR module

Security information and event management (SIEM) technology can be applied to make GDPR less threatening and simplify integration with existing compliance regulations.

At its core, GDPR is designed to improve the data protection of individuals in Europe, also affecting international business for all companies doing business with the EU. LogRhythm contains a series of valuable features that have been adopted to meet GDPR requirements, such as data masking, user blacklisting, GeoIP tracking, network monitoring, and more. Combined with a case management dashboard and a web dashboard that can be used to monitor live user activity, LogRhythm’s AI Engine can help ensure priority events aren’t missed.

LogRhythm’s GDPR module provides strategies and approaches for data management. This module will empower you to start your compliance program without having to create these strategies yourself. LogRhythm already takes care of the SIEM planning, so you don’t have to.

A unified future in compliance

With so many compliances and mandates already present in today’s businesses, providing yet another new regulation only adds complexity to the twisted phenomenon. In recognition of this, LogRhythm Labs is embracing the changing needs of an evolving industry.

The GDPR module is the first module to be included in our new Unified Compliance Management Framework. As a general release, the module will be rolled out alongside GDPR.

Compliance has become complex, and there is already enough data floating around environments to ensure:

  • More effective
  • Fewer duplicates across modules
  • Significantly enhanced module support
  • Separate data more effectively
  • Ability to easily unify compliance modules in the future, without losing proper data separation

LogRhythm’s GDPR compliance module will assist with future compliance tasks and help your business stay on par with regulations to avoid costly fines. Perhaps even more importantly, the GDPR module will help keep your network and data safe from cyber-attacks.

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