Vina Aspire collaborates with the Student Association of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam to organize TEDxDAV, spreading positive ideas to the community worldwide.

TED is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a space for people to voice their ideas and spread positive concepts to the community. Starting with its first conference series in 1984, TED has brought unique ideas to the world on topics such as energy crises, educational reform, and the preservation of cultural values.

Following this mission, TEDx was born. As an extension of TED’s goals, TEDx is a series of independently organized events officially licensed by TED. The TEDxDAV program offers students and pupils inspiring talks and performances across various fields, thereby igniting inspiration and spreading positive values to the community.

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) is an organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With nearly 60 years of growth and development, DAV stands as a leading institution in Vietnam for research and training in fields such as International Relations, International Communication, International Law, International Economics, and English Language. The academy prides itself on its selective admission and the continuous progress of its high-quality students. With the distinctive feature of 100% international programs, DAV consistently leads in integration and development efforts.

The Student Association of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam is the largest socio-political organization for DAV students, renowned for its experience and reputation in organizing extracurricular programs and student movements both within and outside the academy. The Student Association also serves as a liaison between external entities and the academy’s 21 clubs, alumni network, and other activities.

Founded in 1984, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading positive ideas to communities worldwide. TED events are held in various locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. The topics of TED talks cover a wide range of fields, including technology, life, culture, and society. Learn more about TED at: zation


TEDx events are independently organized events licensed by TED. Aiming to promote dialogue, connection, and community, TEDx events are organized without any commercial, religious, or political purposes. TEDx speakers are individuals with unique ideas who wish to share their concepts with the community they live in. Learn more about TEDx at:

Vina Aspire is a consulting company, providing IT solutions and services, network security, information security & safety in Vietnam. Vina Aspire’s team includes skilled, qualified, experienced and reputable experts and collaborators, along with major domestic and foreign investors and partners to join hands in building.

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