Asian Region Cyber Fraud Report 2023

Cyberspace across Asia’s vast digital platforms, the shadow of the fraud industry grows stronger. The Asia Scam Report 2023 is an effort to shed light on the ways scams permeate our daily lives, mapping their prevalence across different media and Identifying patterns can help combat it. The fraud industry, despite its increasingly global reach, continues to be tailored to the cultural and communicative nuances of local landscapes. This report is a collaboration between the Global Anti-Fraud Alliance (GASA) and Gogolook, and included a comprehensive survey that included responses from across 11 regions in Asia. Includes 3 purposes:

  1. Highlight fraudulent channels
  2. Find out people’s reactions and how to prevent them
  3. Identify the scope and losses associated with scams across Asia

Traditional calling and SMS texting methods are still the most popular methods for scammers. However, strong digital growth has made platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp fertile ground for deception, with a tendency to target young people. Our report highlights not only the platforms but also the types of scams that are common in Asia. Identity theft is common in some areas, while shopping and investment scams are thriving in others. The brutal exploitation of human emotions such as trust and greed is a common feature. We explore the reasons why people fall for scams, from lack of scam awareness to attractive offers. This information is fundamental to our understanding, emphasizing the need to create trustworthy education systems that can protect society from such fraud.

Our report sheds light on the determination of victims and non-victims alike to fight this scourge through reporting, with the result being varying degrees of financial recovery. Despite these efforts, there remains a tension between the need for convenient financial services and the urgent need for fraud prevention.

In short, this report is a call for joint effort by governments, financial institutions and those working in the digital sector. The war against fraudsters is not fought on a single front but is a war of attrition against a chameleon enemy. We strive to equip our stakeholders with knowledge that will serve as both a shield and a spear in the fight against scammers in Asia. Let this report be not only a chronicle of the past but also a call to the people of Asia to unite for good. Not only our hard-earned money but also our trust in the fabric of digital society is at stake. By uniting, we can ensure that Asia is no longer a playground for fraudsters but a bastion of integrity that will defeat those who believe they can violate the sanctity of our lives without having to suffer the consequences. Join us in this fight until the day when scams are just echoes of a less vigilant time.

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