Vina Aspire advises Samsung to build security solutions and Mobile Device Management (MDM) in Vietnam

Gaining trust, from October 12, 2021, to October 15, 2021, Vina Aspire advised Samsung to build a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution for Samsung Company in Vietnam.

Samsung Group is a Korean multinational corporation with headquarters located in Samsung Town,  Seoul. The group has many subsidiaries, most operating under the Samsung brand, and is the largest commercial group in Korea.

Vina Aspire is a business unit in the fields of Information Technology, Network Security, privacy, and information security, providing high-quality human resources including a team of good and qualified experts and collaborators. , experience, and reputation together with major domestic and foreign investors and partners to build. We are intellectual people, full of ambition, and bravery, constantly creative, striving hard to create high-quality products and services, creating new values ​​for customers and the whole society. festival.

Vina Aspire is also an official partner and agent in Vietnam and Southeast Asia of many of the world’s leading security companies such as IBM, Checkpoint, CyberArk, Kaspersky…

Mobile Device Management (MDM), is the process that helps Businesses manage everything about a mobile device. MDM includes storing essential information about the mobile device, deciding what applications may be on the device, locating the device, and protecting the device if lost or stolen.

Mobile devices are easily portable and help ensure work can be done from anywhere, including at home or while on the go. Although the flexibility of mobile devices can bring many advantages, they also encounter some problems, such as unauthorized data access and data leaks, thereby highlighting the importance of management of these devices. However, multiple manufacturers, operating systems (OS), and device types make mobile device management much more difficult.

With the Endpoint Management feature, after phone devices enroll in MDM, it will allow businesses to create security policies to enable or lock phone applications such as disallowing the use of a Camera, forcing GPS to be enabled and Wifi does not allow the use of Bluetooth, automatically configures Wifi or VPN, requires the device to set a passcode according to the specified length, blocks jailbreak devices, rooting…

Vina Aspire’s MDM solution consults and provides full support for all types of phones, popular operating systems Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Samsung Knox…

The right MDM application can make a world of difference for system administrators trying to manage mobile devices. MDM solutions make managing all the different types of devices in your business easy and efficient by bringing together everything you need in one place. They allow you to manage applications being installed or removed on a mobile device, configure basic settings on the device, and set up devices to be used for specific purposes, such as point of sale (POS).

Why is MDM important?

Mobile device management (MDM) is important for a business focused on improving professionalism and digital transformation.

  • Ease of deployment : MDM solutions can be deployed on-premises or in private or public cloud environments, providing businesses with the convenience of choosing a deployment method that meets their specific needs.
  • Effective integration : MDM solutions can seamlessly integrate with help desk tickets, application development software or other business solutions.
  • Manage multiple device types:  Simple mobile device management requires managing multiple OSes such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, tvOS, and Chrome OS, as well as multiple device types such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.

How does Mobile Device Management (MDM) software work?

Mobile device management (MDM) uses a client-server architecture with devices acting as clients while a remote MDM server pushes configuration, applications, and management policies. over-the-air (OTA) devices. IT administrators can remotely manage mobile endpoints such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones through the MDM server.

Advantages of using MDM solutions

  • Save time automatically: Save time by automating repetitive tasks like configuring Wi-Fi settings on a device or requiring users to install certain apps.
  • Improve efficiency: Configure the right policies for your organization to improve workflow efficiency.
  • Increase productivity: Use a combination of policies such as blacklisting non-business applications during work hours to ensure employees are more productive.
  • Achieve compliance: Meet complex compliance standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, PCI and CJIS in just a few clicks.
  • Enhanced security: Protect corporate data on mobile devices and prevent it from being shared or saved on third-party services.
  • Remote Management: Manage devices over the air (OTA) without requiring any intervention from the user and without affecting productivity.

Vina Aspire is a consulting company, providing IT solutions and services, network security, information security & safety in Vietnam. Vina Aspire’s team includes skilled, qualified, experienced and reputable experts and collaborators, along with major domestic and foreign investors and partners to join hands in building.

Businesses and organizations wishing to contact Vina Aspire Company with the following information:

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Tel: +84 944 004 666 | Fax: +84 28 3535 0668

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