Vina Aspire Cyber Security Summit 2023 – Modern approach and innovative solutions

In the digital era that is gradually covering all industries, including the gas and oil sector, the application of digital transformation solutions is extremely urgent. Therefore, the issue of how to own a comprehensive data storage solution that can both meet large storage space and meet high processing performance, or simplify the support for moving to a Hybrid Cloud with Business, is more important than ever.

Marking the “New Normal” period after the rapid growth of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vina Aspire Cyber Security Summit 2023 came back to continue the success of Vina Aspire Cyber Security Summit 2019.

On March 31, 2023, at Ocean Palace, Vina Aspire Cyber Security Summit 2023, co-organized by IBM Vietnam and Vina Aspire, was held. The summit took place successfully with the participation of information security experts from IBM and Vina Aspire as well as information technology leaders from units in the oil and gas industry.

At the beginning of the program, the representative from Vina Aspire had a few words to share about the current situation and trends in information security, in addition to emphasizing modern approaches, especially the latest technologies, and solutions from IBM, to protect businesses digital infrastructure.

Also in the program, reputable experts on network information security from IBM, the world’s leading technology corporation, Mr. Nguyen Khanh Luong, IBM Security Technical Advisor, and Mr. Nguyen Van Hai, Storage Solution Consultant, shared a lot of useful and valuable knowledge about the process of deploying a modern information security system. Not only giving an overview of the trend of information security applications in the oil and gas field, the experts additionally introduced the options to protect digital infrastructure during operation, production, and business. Specifically, the speaker brought to the conference a demo session of the most dangerous cyber attack in detail and the latest data recovery technology and solutions from IBM – SOC and SIEM IBM QRadar and IBM Flash System, helping us to gain a deeper understanding of the data encryption process and information security when problems happen.

Throughout the summit, the organizers as well as representatives of businesses had the opportunity to exchange and discuss enthusiastically. We believe that Vina Aspire Cyber Security Summit 2023 has brought many practical values, helping oil and gas enterprises develop advanced applications for information security.

Vina Aspire is a consulting company. Our purposes are providing IT solutions and services, network security, privacy & information safety. Vina Aspire is built up by the excellent experts. We are collaborating with high-qualification and experiences partners, and also the international investors.

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