Vina Aspire – Top 100 Asia Excellent Brands 2022

Vina Aspire Co., Ltd. (Vina Aspire) was honored as the ‘Top 100 Asia Excellent Brands’ at the Announcement Ceremony of Asia Excellent Brand 2022 held on July 23.

This award is a recognition of Vina Aspire’s continuous efforts, especially in the context that the economy has a huge fluctuation due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to maintaining satisfactory business results, Vina Aspire has affirmed the commitment to stable security, complete faith. Focus on is becoming a genuine authorized partner of the world’s leading technology, cyber and security corporations. Moreover, receiving satisfaction from the users through services and solutions provided by Vina Aspire.

Vina Aspire also performs the activities associated with the goal of sustainable development to bring value to the community. Thus, Vina Aspire gradually strengthens its brand position in the industry of Cybersecurity, information security, safety in particular, and IT in general.

Vina Aspire representative said we are proud to continue to be honored with this award. It proves that Vina Aspire’s operational orientations are correct and help us get success in terms of business results and brand image.

According to previous information, a representative of the Asian Economic Research Institute evaluated Vina Aspire as an enterprise having a business strategy – sustainable development with many outstanding business achievements, as well as many positive activities contributing to the community and society.

Vina Aspire is also a pioneer brand in deploying many outstanding products, solutions, and services for Cybersecurity, information security and safety field, particularly Digital transformation in Viet Nam and regional markets.

Asia Excellent Brand Announcement Ceremony 2022 was organized by Asia Economic Research Institute and Vietnam Unions of Science and Business Development to honor excellent enterprises, prestigious brands, and leading in fields and industries that gave contributions to country’s economy and trust by consumers nationwide.

This award sets with many strict selection criteria and a rigorous voting process. To receive this award, candidates must pass several rounds of evaluation as a financial audit, evaluation by corporate and brand data over many periods, interview, and secret ballots by an advisory board.

Vina Aspire is a consulting company. Our purposes are providing IT solutions and services, network security, privacy & information safety. Vina Aspire is built up by the excellent experts. We are collaborating with high-qualification and experiences partners, and also the international investors.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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Tel: +84 944 004 666 | Fax: +84 28 3535 0668

Vina Aspire – Stable security, complete faith

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Vina Aspire is a leading Cyber Security & IT solution and service provider in Vietnam. Vina Aspire is built up by our excellent experts, collaborators with high-qualification and experiences and our international investors and partners. We have intellectual, ambitious people who are putting great effort to provide high quality products and services as well as creating values for customers and society.

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