Vina Aspire was honored at the award ceremony “The Best of Vietnam 2023”

On October 8, 2023, Vina Aspire Co., Ltd. was honored at the Announcement Ceremony of “Top 10 – The Best of Vietnam 2023” and was broadcast live on VTC6 – VTC digital television station.

The program is organized by the Intellectual Property & Creativity Magazine and the Science Council of the Vietnam Business and Science Union to find excellent product and service brands in the Vietnamese market. At the same time, the program aims to promote the implementation of the campaign “Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods” according to the policy launched by the Politburo.

Vina Aspire achieved the title of Top 10 The Best of Vietnam 2023 – Vietnam’s Leading Brand 2023, voted by the Council according to International standards applied globally based on 07 core criteria:

  1. Complying with the law;
  2. Building and protecting brands;
  3. Quality monitoring system
  4. Market and market share;
  5. Revenue and profits;
  6. Responsibility to the state and workers;
  7. Environmental protection and Social responsibility.

In addition, depending on each industry sector of each Enterprise, the Voting Council will evaluate specific evaluation criteria: Capacity; Management philosophy; Technological and creative activities; Financial capacity; Human Resources; Marketing strategy;…

Vina Aspire is a consulting company, providing IT solutions and services, network security, information security & safety in Vietnam. Vina Aspire’s team includes skilled, qualified, experienced and reputable experts and collaborators, along with major domestic and foreign investors and partners to join hands in building.

Businesses and organizations wishing to contact Vina Aspire Co., Ltd. with the following information:

Email: | Website:

Tel: +84 944 004 666 | Fax: +84 28 3535 0668

Vina Aspire – Vững bảo mật, trọn niềm tin

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Vina Aspire is a leading Cyber Security & IT solution and service provider in Vietnam. Vina Aspire is built up by our excellent experts, collaborators with high-qualification and experiences and our international investors and partners. We have intellectual, ambitious people who are putting great effort to provide high quality products and services as well as creating values for customers and society.

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