Cyber ​​security and information security conference – Vina Aspire Cyber ​​Security Summit

VinaAspire Cyber ​​Security Summit conference is expected to take place in October 2019 in City. Ho Chi Minh City, with the presence of experts in the field of cybersecurity, will present Data Sanitization, a technology that can prevent cybersecurity risks from even unidentified security vulnerabilities. Traditional antivirus software protects against computer threats by blocking or deleting infected files, primarily based on the virus’s identifier.

Potential threats are growing faster and smarter with the development of the Internet. Many types of malware are crafted in a smarter way with modified content, making it impossible for traditional anti-virus programs to detect. Besides, virus databases that are not updated can also lead to missing new types of malicious code.

Data Sanitization is considered the most advanced and effective technique in preventing the above threats. Basically, Data Sanitization completely deletes files on storage media and restores files that are definitely safe. Thanks to that, data can be protected from even difficult-to-detect, unprecedented attack methods.

At this Security, Network Security, and Information Security Conference, Mr. Jack Bui, IT expert of VinaAspire & Opswat Vietnam will introduce how to prevent hidden dangers using Data Sanitization technology provided by Opswat develops.

Vina Aspire is a provider of IT and network security, privacy and information security solutions and services in Vietnam. Vina Aspire’s team includes skilled, qualified, experienced and reputable experts and collaborators, along with major domestic and foreign investors and partners to join hands in building.

Businesses, organizations and individuals wishing to consult, build solutions and purchase genuine security products and services in Vietnam, please contact Vina Aspire with the following information:

Email: | Tel: +84 944 004 666 | Fax: +84 28 3535 0668 | Vina Aspire |


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