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VinaAspire – Top 100 Excellent Brands 2019

On July 21, Vina Aspire Co., Ltd was honored to be Top 100 Excellent Brands at the “Excellent Brands and Typical Leaders in 2019” ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City.

These were the highest appreciated brands in the Evaluation and Communication programme of “Excellent Brands – Typical Leaders in integration time in 2019 – 6th ceremony”.  This award ceremony was organized by the Institute of Asia Economic Researchs and the the Institute of Competitiveness Index Surveys.

The period of economic integration brings not only opportunities but also challenges for the development of any business. Nowadays,  enterprises not only compete among domestic ones, but also have to constantly focus on creating and innovating to raise the brand value in all the world. To tackle the problems, businesses first need to know how to promote the brand image and build customer trust aswell.

Recognizing the importance of communication and brand promotion activities in promoting the rank of Vietnamese brands in the integration time, the Institute of Asia Economic Researchs has yearly collaborated with the Institute of Competitiveness Index Surveys to organize assessment and communication programs: “Excellent brand – Typical leader in integration time”.

The program is a place to exchange, meet and connect the creativity among  businesses that have prestigious services and products, honor brands that make positive and effective contribuition in improving the quality of products and services, and committing to serving customers better and better. Recognizing from outstanding business performance and product innovation, customer service quality has been continuously improved to make a difference.

This is also an opportunity to honor typical, courageous and talented leaders, leading the business , contributing to the development of the country economy in the integration time.

Enterprises and Entrepreneurs participating in the program “Excellent brand – Typical leader of the VI integration in 2019” must fully meet the following conditions: Being an enterprise established and operating in accordance with the Vietnamese law; must operate in the Vietnamese territory and have trademarks, products and services on the Vietnamese market; The brand is recognized by consumers, products and services have clear origin, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly; Businesses that have products and services nationwide, contribute positively to promoting the economic development of Vietnam; For foreign companies and organizations, there should be a representative office and a brand, product or service in the Vietnamese market; All participating enterprises and entrepreneurs must strictly abide by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and not infringe upon Intellectual Property rights; For enterprises funded by members of organizers, they cannot participate in the program; Priority is given to enterprises that have innovated and improved in production and business, not violating the Law on Tax and Intellectual Property in Vietnam.

Participating the program, enterprises are also encouraged to improve production capacity and compete to ensure domestic consumers’ rights. That contributes to building consumer trust in Vietnamese brands and products, making an important contribution to the development of the country.

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